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Richard and Tova Tillinghast: Home




10/15/19 First thing I've got to say is that we've gone and gotten a Facebook page, I'm pretty sure. Also pretty sure that's going to the dark side, but we need a way to get things out. Anyway, you can find us there if you look under Richard and Tova Tillinghast, I do believe. We also plan to delve into Youtube more soon, with an album getting ready to come out. If you have great Youtube ideas, let me know. As always, don't write to this website's email, write instead to THANKS!

With guitar and cello, Richard and Tova Tillinghast create intimate, rhythm driven music in the vein of John Prine, Joni Mitchell, and Leonard Cohen. Their techniques merge fingerstyle guitar, alternative tunings, and classically tinged improvisational cello. The heart of their music lies in their original songs, sung by a “one-in-a-million voice” (Creative Loafing, SC) and lifted by occasional sweet harmonies.

Richard Tillinghast began playing the guitar and writing songs at age thirteen in red dirt South Carolina. He started traveling soon after, and from his first professional gig in London at the age of nineteen, he has brought his musicianship, humor, and philosophy to audiences across the US. Since settling in Washington State in 1999 he has performed at concert venues and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has appeared on nationally syndicated radio shows such as “River City Folk” with Tom May, and has been invited to festivals from Colorado’s “Telluride Mt. Film Festival” to Arkansas’ “Ozark Folk Festival.” His music has been featured in multiple compilation CDs, documentaries, and kayaking videos. Currently five full-length CDs are available for purchase: “Blue Tattoo,” (1995), “Men and Their Machines,” (1996), “Onehum,” (2005),  “Sweet By and By,” (2010), and “The Door Is Open,” (2015). Another CD, titled "Random Perfect Plan," should be available before Christmas 2019.

Tillinghast began a musical partnership with cellist Tova Cochrane in 2005. Tova is classically trained and has performed with the Walla Walla Symphony, Whitman College Symphony, and the Columbia Gorge Sinfonietta. Rodger Nichols of The Dalles Chronicle (Oregon) writes, “Pairing a guitar and banjo playing singer-songwriter with a classically trained cellist is not an obvious choice, but it’s a musical marriage that works beautifully.”  The marriage part was correct, as Richard and Tova were married in 2011. Together, they have played concerts, festivals, and private events throughout the northwest. 

Richard performs as a duo with Tova, and as part of the the band OneHum with drummer/collaborater Jason Russ. A new band, ONION HEART, was formed in 2019.