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Richard and Tova Tillinghast: News

Families in the Park and Solera - January 23, 2018

Wanted to add two shows booked today. March 9th at the awesome SOLERA Brewpub in Parkdale, OR (with Time Ortlieb on drums).

And a show we're excited about, August 30th in Hood River, OR, at the wonderful FAMILIES IN THE PARK concert series. We're going to be sharing the stage with Hit Machine!

2018!!!! - January 22, 2018

Hi folks,

It's been a great January. As my dad always said, "As January goes, so goes the new year." Let's all hope for the best.  We're working on some fun shows - Richard will be at the White Buffalo this Thursday, January 25th. Tim Ortlieb on drums will be joining Tova and Richard at the Pines February 8th, and our festival lineup is starting with Fool's Fest at WALKING MAN BREWERY (again with Tim) on April 7th. We're looking at festivals this year from Garlic Fests on the coast to summerfests on Longbeach to Lavendar Daze Festival locally, so keep an eye on the website as the shows book up.

We've also been writing a lot and are nibbling around the edges of a new album, tentatively titled BROTHER DANIEL.

Cheers to 2018!

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