Sweet By & By

"Sweet By & By" 

"Sweet By & By" Available at CD Baby

OneHum CD

Most of these songs were written in various cabins around various lakes and rivers and creeks up in the Northwest. We recorded a total of about twenty songs and picked these for the record. I've always got a ton of songs; getting them down on tape has always been something I resisted for some reason. Some of the unpublished songs are good and we're going to make an outtake CD of them very soon. Most of these takes were in the evening, a little red wine, good times with Jason and Rick. They had a lot of patience with me. For the first CD of this new time I wanted honest, so it's all live, really no mixing or editing to speak of. A few of the songs came with me from South Carolina and I mixed them in with the evergreens and the hot springs and Jason brought some wind and Rick just passed some wind (Ha-Ha!) and Phineas scratched on the door all night long till we let him in. Hope you can hear it all. "OneHum" Available at CD Baby

Men and Their Machines

This is Richard's first album. "Men and Their Machines" Available at CD Baby